Where Have All The Manners Gone

Yesterday I was reminded of the difference in generations and the manners or lack of manners in children.

I was in between clients and sitting at the library trying to relax as it was a chaotic day.thinking I would have at least two hours of quiet, I had slipped into the library.

I had been sadly wrong though as a group of children with their teacher had come for a library field trip.  At first, I thought it was cute as the kids were excited but their noise level inside the library increased to the point that all you could hear was their loud almost yelling voices.   What surprised me more was the teacher not teaching  the children and reinforcing the propwe decorum in a library .

I actually had to go outside to hear myself think and do my call ahead to my clients for the afternoon/early evening.

Yes I know kids get excited and it is wonderful that it is about books but there is being excited and then just being unruly. Which brings me to another point, where have all the manners gone?

I have seen children act and get away with things that my generation would never have or even dared to do as we knew the consequences of our actions would be greater than the thrill of attempting it.

When I was a child, I would never have dared to use the vulgarity that I have heard 8 year olds using.  I would never have cut people off when waking or biking especially adults and seniors!’ I was raised to respect my elders and it seems like the children of today have no respect at all.  Here is a sad thought, a generation of future leaders that will show no respect for their peers, parents or grand parents.

I believe that society and government are “coddling” today’s children and if we don’t set the proper ground rules for courtesy, respect and morals – the future will be bleak and our leaders will be corrupt (more so than they already are)

2 thoughts on “Where Have All The Manners Gone

  1. I could spend endless days on this topic. I am working on raising my sons, 10 and almost 13, to hold doors for me and for others, particularly seniors and women. I had them hold a door when a mother with two young daughters said to me, ” my daughters can open their own doors. You shouldn’t make your son hold open the door and force him to conform to your ideas.” At first I was stunned and then I said, “we work on manners together and my sons have great manners. And if they were dating your daughters, trust me you would want them to at least know they should offer to hold the door for them. Then your daughters could hold open the next one for them. It’s called good manners.” Great post and amazing blog.

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