Trampled and Doubting

What a wierd day!  I feel exhausted and drained even though it wasn’t a crazy and chaotic day!  It was sunny but cold outside on the beginning of day and then became overcast.

Weather changes are killer on state of mind and add depression on top of that and I get burned out mentally and emotonally.  Today I had a hard time concentrating and staying focused and all I wanted to do is sleep.  pushed through morning and evening cliemts but feel like I haven’t slept in days and my body  feels trampled on.

The physical symptoms of depression can be worse than the emotional ones somedays and for me they include:

1. Headaches

2. Fatigue

3. Lethargicness

4. Achy muscles

5. Insomnia

6. Stomach Upset

I try to combat the physical symptoms with vitamins and minerals; such as:

1. Vitamin D

2. Vitamin B12

3. Iron

4. Multivitamin

5. Vitamin C


I have not had the opportunity or stamina to work on project today, which bothers me as a sense of failure and disappointment starts to overtake me.  I am feeling frustrated with myself and questioning whether I am ever going to be a popular author or even break successfully into writing business.

I am trying to keep positive and allow the Law of Attraction to bring success and fortune to me but it is hard.

Hopefully tomorrow the Muse will speak to me and allow creativity to flow!!

Good night everyone

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