Tools for The Journey 

The Muse spoke to me just now and said to share what I do to boost my low days  and fight off the lag my dear acquaintance depression.

    They may not work for everyone but I hope that someone somewhere will be helped by my words.  I know too well how hard the battle with this illness can be and I hope that no one feels they are alone. The more we speak out about it – the more we decrease the stigma.  It is easier to say I know !  I remember the first time I told someone about my depression, it scared me so much and I was terrified of there reaction.  I was worried that they would treat me like I was broken or made of glass! 

    It does get easier though, just the other day I had another first as I had a very low day and could not find motivation or desire to get out of bed!! I did not want to just call in sick as in my profession they ask about symptoms.  I struggled with what to say as I hadn’t told them about the depression, yet! Somehow I got the strength to speak about what plagues me and told them “I have clinical depression and right now I am an emotional wreck and having really low period, need morning off to deal with symptoms!” To my surprise, the only question they asked was “Are you on medication for it?” 

     But onto dealing with symptoms, low periods and days that drain me emotionally.  Remember these are just some tips that may help.

  • I surround myself with positive people and let them know I am having low day 
  • Utilize my support system 
  • Have a hot bath with my favourite bubble bath 
  • Listen to relaxing music in bath and try to sit in silence 
  • If around house, find most positive upbeat music I can on YouTube and blare it 
  • Cuddle with my Favorite blanket 
  • I use affitmations on my phone, computer 
  • Go to my  most favorite place in house – craft room 
  • Treat myself to something nice 
  • Find colourful things to craft or look at 
  • Read funny things 
  • Go for a walk with Shadow (weather permitting)
  • Journaling 
  • Crocheting 
  • Busy and easy work 
  • Bake if i have energy 
  • Put on my favorite socks (comfy ones) and clothes and veg out 

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