Archive | March 22, 2015

Special Promotion

. For one week only on Kobo my short story The Antique House will be free to dowoad !!! I hope everyone checks out this special pre-Easter offer 🙂

Diamond of the Day

I am so behind on this procrss that I feel bad, but I remembered today

there are a few diamonds today

Spending the day with Jody – I changed my work hours so I do not work on Sundays due to bus situation and as a result I didn’t have to work today 🙂

Working on my crochet project – it is not perfect but it is pretty nice considering it is my first time making it – crocheted decorative pillow .

Knowing that I don’t have to get up at 5 am tomorrow 🙂

New Book Release on Kobo

Listening to the Muse’s voice in my dreams I have written a small book that I hope you will all check out!! It is right now available on Kobo for 1.99 only!! I am in process of releasing on Kindle and hope to have it available on Kindle soon!