Who Am I .. if Not

I am in a state of self doubt and questioning myself in regards to my writing and in some other aspects of my life.  It leaves me feeling like i am losing control of my talent and that I have lost touch with the Muse.

Depression and fatigue create a sense of havoc in my mind and I want to just be able to close my eyes and escape. A part of me wants to shut off the writer crying to get out because the openess of my words scares me because or leaves me vulnerable. It is a very raw and emptional part of me – now what I am pondering is if I am not a writer or a good writer where does that leave me and the inner child who spent hours reading and writing poetry.

I leave you with this personal thought before I close for the night – writing has always been my safest, yet strongest form of communication and allowed me to express the words that were trapped Inside a confused, lonely and shy young girl.

2 thoughts on “Who Am I .. if Not

  1. Writing creates a sense of freedom and strength from within within each one of us in our own way, So continue writing what you feel and everyone will hear your words strongly, that at least is my thought?

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