Archive | November 11, 2014

Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness such a broad saying but if we break it down what does it represent? It is not a one size fits all outfit and not something that can be defined or wrapped up in one word.
Very few people can understand the true power behind these words as sadly so few people engage in the trueness of giving. Now I am not saying no one donates it gives but how many do for the right reason.
Let me explain, you see to me giving comes from your inner most soul and done without requirement of reward.

I had such experience today as I had asked a fellow author to be a mentor and asked him to review my short story “The Antique House” and without asking anything in return agreed to assist me. This was truly one of my most wonderful experiencex of the month and definitely something I will never forget.
So today I dedicated a special humanitarian GOLD STAR to that person!!!

Thank you Rich Marcelllo for your kindness!! I would recommend everyone go check out his books Big Wide Calm and Taste of Home!