Archive | November 9, 2014

Love of Baking

The sun is shining and snow covers the ground like a lace coloured blanket  this November Day.  I am grateful to see the sun as so many days there has been a lack of sunshine which just makes me want to stay in bed.

I am having fun working on my secret project and am forcing myself to take it slowly in order to fully experience the process and put a great deal of emotion into it.  It is a journey that I am delighting in on so many deep levels.

Right now I am taking a short break from creative process and partaking in watching “Julie and Julia” on OWN Channel.   It is actually not a bad movie especially if you love coolking and baking like me!! I would love to have all the baking and cooking equipment – I would never leave the kitchen.  I cannot wait till kitchen is redone!! Baking to me has such a therapeutic effect on me as I experiment with different ingredients. I would love to write a cookbook of my favourite recipes with a diary insert.  (Mental note hehe may be a future idea there – who knows)!

I am getting excited to finish secret project because it is going to have a special meaning to someone really close to me.  I am hoping it will be complete for Cbristmss!

Stay tuned to see if there are any surprise sales on The Antique House on Kindle coming up!!