Brainstorming and Silent Muses

In this sunny fall afternoon day of November while I was taking a recoperation day and trying to fight off a bad chest cold,I decided to try to make some progress in the creative field.

It was a rather hard day for me concentration wise as I was having bad migraines and feeling fuzzy in my mind (depression symptoms reminding me it is still present) and absent minded, therefore I decided to brainstorm today and work in segments.

There are often days that I have to plan out my projects in small steps and take each step at the pace that my brain feels comfortable!

I worked on my secret project, did some reading “The True Secret of Writing”  by Natalie Goldberg and planning out baking for holiday season.  I find when the Muse is at a standstill and resting the best thing for me to do is emerse myself in research and reading.  I find that it helps me to feel connected to the craft still and keep my mind processing creatively .

One thought on “Brainstorming and Silent Muses

  1. I like your phrase “when the Muse is at a standstill and resting…”. That’s a different way, I think, of describing those times when our creative energies shift, and are not at our fingertips. Instead of seeing that as a time of being blocked, or stymied, you have instead characterized it as being rest, rejuvenation–with the promise of renewal.


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