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Courage to say “no”

Do you know what he sees
When he looks at me?
Does he connect to the person
I have proudly become?
Does his heart still have love left?
Did his feelings for me flee?

We share the same spaces day after day
Silence fills the air and leaves no room to breath
Passing ships we pass each other by
Neither of us knowing the words we are suppose to say

Inside my heart breaks by the minute
Like a caged and lonely animal I cry
If this is all that I deserve its fine
But why does he stay with me If his heart is not in it

Intimacy is a foreign language to us now
Any touch feels so mechanical and cold
Obligation becomes the main reason he tries it seems
How I wish I could insensitive too but I don’t know how

My vows now my prison I cannot escape
I made this poor choice it is true
I hear myself say no one cares now
This is your mistake so accept your fate

I wish I could talk to the girl from so many years ago
I would make her feel special and secure

Help her see that there are so many treasures awaiting her
She would have the courage to say “no”

No to so many things that she was coaxed to do

No to the feeling that she had to conform to society’s mold

No to settling for “Mr Right Now” instead of love that is true

No would have saved her from all the hurt she went through

The Antique House Soon To Be Released

Final draft of The Antique House completed and I am in process of having it published by Kobo in ebook format.

I am just waiting for review of book to be done and released for sale.  The price I set is 4.99 CDN – please those fans who have a kobo check it out and review as it is MY FIRST SHORT STORY!!! All reviews are welcome!!

it will be the first story in a series of stories – I hope everyone will follow Melinda in her journey.

I will be submitting it to kindle shortly as well – just have to wait for next day off as daily schedule on certain days.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

I will be submitting a blog article this weekend – so stay tuned to see what this weeks topic will be about.

Top Ten Writing Mistakes Editors See Every Day

Stephen Carver

Goya -The sleep of reason produces monsters (c1799) recut

In addition to writing and teaching, one of the things I do for a living is to evaluate manuscripts for their suitability for publication. I read fiction (and non-fiction) across several genres, and write comprehensive reports on the books. I try always to guide the author towards knocking his or her project into a shape that could be credibly presented to literary agents, publishers and general readers. You know how Newman and Mittelmark introduce How Not to Write a Novel by saying, ‘We are merely telling you the things that editors are too busy rejecting your novel to tell you themselves, pointing out the mistakes they recognize instantly because they see them again and again in novels they do not buy,’ well they’re right; I am one of those editors.

However good the idea behind a novel, when the author is still learning the craft of writing – like any…

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Courting The Muse and Work A Day Life

In the midst of working and travelling along today’s map of client case load I was contemplating what today’s blog segment should be – then in a moment of “aha” as Oprah says it came to me!  Why not discuss the challenge of following your bliss, blazing your own trail and balancing the modern “daily grind” and responsibilities of life?  It seemed the perfect topic since we all can relate to it and I was attempting just that as I brain stormed ideas.

Life seems to be the one thing that gets in our way when we attempt to change gears – at least for me it is! Often in my experiences and along my journey, I will sit down with the best intentions and a) household issues occur, b) work calls, c) crisis occur and d) I truthfully I get side tracked sometimes.

I know it’s hard not to beat ourselves up over incompletion and missteps but we have to embrace these and learn that it is usually a message from the Universe to tell us it isn’t right moment, yet. How many times have you been struck by inspiration at unusual moments? I believe it works both ways with the  Universal Messages we receive.

I know from personal experience that I have to edge personal writing time out in my daily time and allow for days of either practicing writing skills and/or writing and working on projects and most of the time I am tugged at when it is time and I often have to squeeze it a schedule full of clients and travel.

So your next question is probably when do I do it? Well, the crazy yet simple answer is this – I have found myself doing it while riding on a bus, while waiting for a bus, in between clients, during respite clients, during a hot bath and late at night when I can’t sleep. Often I have to stop and start either because I am blocked or something pulls me away from the process. At times it frustrating but I have found the best way to combat the frustration is to give it a name that you will associate something positive and productive.  I often use break time, pet therapy time (as I have a black lab) and battery recharging. I sometimes call it the start stop save game 🙂  Try it and see if it helps! Sometimes it flows freely and other times it is bits and pieces  that are left to piece together.

What I have learned about those bits and pieces that don’t seem to make sense at time  is that they can be used in other stories and can also serve as writing prompts when writers block occurs. My advice is always keep those bits and pieces even if there is a few words!  Remember it is those mighty words that create masterpieces!

Here are some tips and suggestions to help fight writer’s block and stretch your creative muscles (and yes I have used them as well).

1. Go for a walk and take a camera or use your camera on cell phone , take photos of things that catch your eye. Don’t think just snap away, among those photos is inspiring prompts.

2. Change your scenery, with the use of today’s technology and the use of the good old pen and paper one is able to create mobile offices.

3. If you have the spare time, take a trip around town on bus or walk around and “people watch” (create characters from their traits and what you are – it works)

4. Allow yourself to have “research” days if you find the words are not flowing together, sometimes I will read e-zines and digital magazines on writing to help keep mind in creative zone.

5. Take a break and do something fun by creating your own future “writing prompts”.  Experiment and have fun with the process..

6.   Switch genres, if you find that you are blocked on your usual type of writing try a none. This will keep your creative muscles working at the same time you are honing new skills .

7. Always talk to the Muse and show gratitude for the assistance she gives. Learn about the Muse – try pretending you are her.

8. Play out the scenario or story, use your imagination to become your character.  Bring back “male belief” play and have fun with your inner child.

9. Make brainstorming fun, utilize your old magazines and newspapers and create vision boards and story idea board.  They can be pea meant or you can attach veto to board and pictures for removable and reusable pieces.

10. Let loose, have fun and remember more is learned from the journey than the destination itself.  Another great thing I found that works have multiple rooms where you  have pad of paper and pen available – inspiration strikes when you least expect it!

Editing and the Flu Bug

In the throes of editing and re-examining my short story “The Antique House”, which is quite the task when I am fighting off a flu bug. It is proving to be a challenge to concentrate as I am dealing with a migraine and a feeling of exhaustion.

It was a “sick” day this evening as working in the health care field one must ensure not to spread illness. My one thing I hate doing is calling in sick because I always feel bad leaving people short. I also wonder if my clients are taken care of as good as I try to but I have to learn to trust in fellow workers.

Tomorrow is back to the daily grind and trying to balance the two jobs I don’t. Luckily it is not a crazy busy day so I should have time to work more on editing.

I find my one challenge in writing is my own criticism of myself and trying to keep positive during the process

I find using some positive reinforcements and affirmations works well for me in most things especially with dealing in depression. I am going to work on creating a list of affirmations while working on writing.

First draft finished

I am happy to announce that my first draft of The Antique House is complete!!!

It was a long and interesting process writing my first shorty story as I am usually writing poetry as my creative outlet. This story writing process definitely stretchd my creative writing muscles as I often found myself dreaming of how to have story unfold as well as constantly re-examining what I did already write.

I honestly can say that I take pride in what I accomplished as throughout the process I doubted my ability to complete the process. Now that I am done – I have the honour of reviewing it as a whole instead of pieces.

I have learned a lot about myself through this process and how I relate to the Universal Flow of the writing process. What you ask? That is for another blog discussion.

My advice to you is always follow the path and allow your creative muscles to stretch and see where the wind takes you. Always thank the muse and fight the resistance to write.

Sadly I have to let you all go for now as “daily grind” calls -lucky I love working as a Personal Support Worker.