Archive | October 25, 2014

Release of The Antique House

I am very excited to announce the release of  “The Antique House”  Book One of Melinda’s Journey on Kindle for the low cost of $3.99 

 I hope that all my fans and followers will check out my book and give me an honest review about what you think because it is my first attempt at writing a short story.

Also my book of poem “On Wings of Hope” has been reduced in price to 1.99 – feel free to check that out as well.

Force of a Whisper

Today, while I was brainstorming for the second book in “Melinda’s Journey”, I was struck with a different idea for a second project.  A very different idea for me and although I questioned the idea and in a it theoretical way argued with the voice that seemed to over power my thoughts – it would not let me push it aside.

It is funny how when we ignore the whisper and question its’ validity that the Universe screams at us and our bodies on a cellular level react to it, for instance I had a migraine all day and nothing I did worked until I stopped fighting and went with flow of proxess.

I am not sure where this project will take me and what it’s purpose and format is meant to be – I guess only time will tell.

Well, i bid you all a good night and sweet dreams!

Up and Coming

Funny how, when we have plans for our days that our bodies and the Universe have a different plan!

I was suppose to get up early and be able to get everything I needed to get done this morning,however my body said “rest” and although I tried to ignore it – my body won and I dozed off again this morning.

I did however manage to get one task complete before I was inhabiting dreamland – The Antoque House has been submitting to Kindle Ebook Publishing.  It is in review process, but once released will be 3.99!!

Once it has been cleared for publication, I will definitely let all my fans and followers know!!

Stay tuned – there many even be a surprise sale coming up!!