Archive | October 14, 2014

Editing and the Flu Bug

In the throes of editing and re-examining my short story “The Antique House”, which is quite the task when I am fighting off a flu bug. It is proving to be a challenge to concentrate as I am dealing with a migraine and a feeling of exhaustion.

It was a “sick” day this evening as working in the health care field one must ensure not to spread illness. My one thing I hate doing is calling in sick because I always feel bad leaving people short. I also wonder if my clients are taken care of as good as I try to but I have to learn to trust in fellow workers.

Tomorrow is back to the daily grind and trying to balance the two jobs I don’t. Luckily it is not a crazy busy day so I should have time to work more on editing.

I find my one challenge in writing is my own criticism of myself and trying to keep positive during the process

I find using some positive reinforcements and affirmations works well for me in most things especially with dealing in depression. I am going to work on creating a list of affirmations while working on writing.