Archive | October 13, 2014

First draft finished

I am happy to announce that my first draft of The Antique House is complete!!!

It was a long and interesting process writing my first shorty story as I am usually writing poetry as my creative outlet. This story writing process definitely stretchd my creative writing muscles as I often found myself dreaming of how to have story unfold as well as constantly re-examining what I did already write.

I honestly can say that I take pride in what I accomplished as throughout the process I doubted my ability to complete the process. Now that I am done – I have the honour of reviewing it as a whole instead of pieces.

I have learned a lot about myself through this process and how I relate to the Universal Flow of the writing process. What you ask? That is for another blog discussion.

My advice to you is always follow the path and allow your creative muscles to stretch and see where the wind takes you. Always thank the muse and fight the resistance to write.

Sadly I have to let you all go for now as “daily grind” calls -lucky I love working as a Personal Support Worker.