Archive | July 14, 2014

And Then It Was Gone

  I am compelled to share a story – some mat relate and others may simply chuckle but what you take from the story is purely up to you!

    We all in some way or form have those moments where frustration boils inside us and its usually over something small or best laid plans going awry. What to some may be something insignificant was probably our hardest moments with greatest pride.

  Here goes my “sob” story so to speak that I just had to share. I was working on a writing prompt exercise and was going smoothly – words were flowing from somewhere deep inside almost as if they were going through me. This for me is a true gift of Divinity as I often find myself blocked by my need for perfection. I found that writing prompts and applications on phones sometimes help create good creative flow. I had utilized an application called prompts and it had helped stir up juices.  My exercise was going so well and I was almost complete – oh did I mention I utilized my notepad application on I-phone!

So here I was nearing the finish line – just about to post for all you to view and then suddenly and of course by accident I hit the delete icon on my notepad. Poof hard work gone in an instant touch – so here is my moral paper as a wise friend told me is “your friend”!

  Oh and of course I forgot to write down the prompt  and did not remember to save the prompt either – so the muse is gone, the work gone and O don’t remember what I wrote because it felt like didn’t come from me. 

  So alas back to my old and reliable friends paper and pen I will go – I know on them I can depend!