Archive | July 13, 2014

All I Know

The trail is there i can see so clear
What stops me is the voice of fear
Uncertain turns and bends in the 
What if the burden is too heavy a 
Destination unknown blind I would
What lies hidden up ahead for me
Could I stand the struggle and 
Survive a fall
If I don’t take the road and let 
chance slip away
Could I forgive myself for never
knowing what could have been 
Or would I live to regret the choice
Every day
Answers they say are inside us 
Questions are all I can hear now
So many choices and directions 
To go 
Plaqued by the uncertainty
Echoing inside my mind
Do I stay or go?
Lead or simply follow?
All I know to tell you upon my exit
The true answer to pass along 
All I can say is I do not know
I close my eyes now in prayer
Divine guidance will lead the way
Where I will end up only Angels 
What lies ahead is planned by
Universal flow and will
I strap myself in as could be a 
bumpy ride
All I Know for sure without a
A Divine being is on my side