Teaser Excerpt.. Happy Monday

  Happy Monday Everyone!! I decided before I start working on my book :The Antique House” that I would take the opportunity to wish everyone a great day and rest of week. It was a muggy, humid day here with periods of rain. A busy day working with Red Cross Care Partners, but I love every minute of it as I know this is my calling 🙂  I truly believe that this is what I am meant to do, beside writing I mean. Every time I interact with a client, I feel closer to the Creator or Universal Consciousness and I know that I am doing his work caring for the most valuable teachers we have in this world – our seniors and elderly have so much to teach if we listen with our hearts. 

  I wanted to gift a surprise for all my followers and those awaiting the publication of my book, so I decided I would share an exert  l chapter, but I will not tell you what chapter it is from 🙂

Here is a teaser excerpt for all my loyal fans.. 

In beginning, there were so many time contrasts and obstacles making it hard for them to figure out the rhythm of their relationship. Their courtship had went from spending as much time together as they could fit in to phone conversations every second night. The distance and void were felt by both Melinda and Jobe and it was creating them to slowly drift apart. To Melinda, she always felt torn between her work obligations and getting quality time with Jobe, even though a part of her had lost her passion for her job. Jobe was always busy working for the farmer he rented off and although he loved the fresh air and outdoors – it began to feel less like home and more like a lonely building.

Hope everyone has a great week – it is time to get working on the craft.. I will be posting more book reviews shortly. So stay tuned.. 




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