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Love’s Illusion

I want to become one with you
But not lose the real me
I wish to take away the masks 
But still preserve my mystery
I long to share my world with 
But still have my own sacred space 
I wish to embrace all that you are
I want us to celebrate our unique individuality
I want to see what your weary eyes but hold strong to my sanity
I want to share who I Am inside 
But still hold on to the secrets
I hold
I have to be spontaneous together
While maintaining control too
I want to savour all that is you 
But without the pressure to
Say yes 
I want to be me
I want the real me to be

Secret Angels

Angels sent from high above

To teach us lessons about

life, tolerance and love

Patience will be needed and of course

Must be shown as best as can be 

No manuals to follow just trial and error 

the answers are in – just follow your heart

Strength you have waiting inside 

Enriched the lucky few whose paths intwine 

transforming lives with a smile and embrace

Compassion is the only request that is made 

See the world through their loving eyes

look past what images blind your true sight 

An open heart will be shown their true beauty and light

Incredible souls that are so filled full of love and life

Where they see growth we somehow sadly only see strife 

Abundance of joy they will spread if we are open to receive 

Riches they share with a select chosen few

Lucky are those whose lives they have touched

 Blessed by God’s Secret Angels – Special Souls 

What Would You Choose?

   I am going to pose a question for fun but I would hope and ask everyone to answer!!

You win an opportunity to collaborate on writing a Christian book about love, loss and  renewal – your job is to decide how one of your main characters passes away and the effect the death has on other characters in the story line!! What would you choose and why?

Important Places In South Porcupine

imageHow sad that so many people struggle to make ends meet and the hovernment sots idly by giving breaks to the wealthy and corporations!!
More funding should be given to help the homeless and those living below poverty line!!

Mirror Mirror

Letters and Lessons For My Daughter

Dear Ellie:

This past weekend while at the grocery store a nice lady approached us and complemented you on how pretty you were and then told me that you looked just like me. Even though I think you are the perfect mix of Mommy and Daddy we often get that compliment while out and about. I’m not sure if people realize how big that is to me or if they are just making an observation, probably the latter. But my baby I don’t think I’ve ever received a bigger or better compliment than when people say you remind them of me or that you look just like me. Sometimes I even catch myself off guard looking through the thousands of pictures I’ve taken of you and have to agree that it really is like looking in a mirror some days. Can you imagine someone comparing you to your picture of perfection…talk…

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My Greatest Sorrow is My Greatest Joy

Strengthening the Soul

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” ~ Robert Brault

She’s dying. My 9 year old daughter is dying. Today I can say it without crying, but not necessarily tomorrow. Each day is filled with up and down emotions. Some days I am hopeful for a cure, but many days I am filled with despair and an indescribable sadness. My heart aches. My tears burn. My head and my body are tired.

You see, my daughter Abby was recently diagnosed with a rare, genetic disease that is terminal. There is no cure or treatment. No cure. 100% terminal. Every child diagnosed with this disease will die. I have never felt so helpless. As mothers, it is our job to nurse our child’s boo-boos, dry their tears, teach them how to deal with sorrow and upsets, and give them hope…

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Along the Journey

image image

Howdy fellow bloggers!!! I was talking a break from working on the next exciting  chapter of “The Antique House” and decided to talk a walk my neighbourhood and embrace the sights and sounds.  One my other loves is photography as the world looks so beautiful though lens of a camera !

I thought I would share some pictures that I captured along my journey!!