Another evening ends in a good and seni-productive day – it was beautiful here in Timmins Ontario today. 

   The perfect day to be mindful and take in the beauty that surrounds, as well as eat watermelon. Okay confession, i pigged out onbit but U did shade with my dog Shadow – I coukdn’t say no he was sitting all handsomely. I took some nice pictures that I will post probably tomorrow as here it is 10:10pm and 6:30am comes quick. 

  I plugged away a bit on “The Antique House” but had to stop as my eyes were sore (cannot waif to gef new glasses) and I needed to recharge my brain and step away from story as was hitting dry spell.  Another confession, I have high standards for myself and I kept erasing as I wrote as didn’t sound right! 

Well, I wish you all a great night!!

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