Archive | June 25, 2014

Productive Musings

  Hello my lovely fans and followers!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening – here it is 10:33pm EST and I am just finishing up another chapter on my book and winding down for evening. 

It was a productive day for writing as I had gaps in between clients during the day and wonderful quiet moments in evening to weave the tapestry of my characters’ lives into a chapter full of surprises. 

Thank you again for a wonderful supportive community. 

In Flight

While working this morning and on my way to my clients house, I took the opportunity to practice mindfullnesss!!

it is amazing what nature shows you when you take the time to watch it in its splendor and glory. So often we are so much in a hurrying life that we miss the beauty all around us, we are stuck in our heads and so caught up in the drama and tribulations that are made to help us grow spiritually that we miss the forest for the trees. We pray for miracles and signs of God’s existence but do not open our eyes and hearts enough to see ones presented to ourselves daily!

i have been guilty of this myself and I know that dealing with depression’s lessons have taught me many things and one of them is to live in the now. yesterday happened and it cannot be written over and there were many hidden blessings and lessons and tomorrow is a clean slate for new lessons and focusing too much on tomorrow takes away from the beauty, wonder and lessons for the present!

This is what I saw walking around this morning, two birds (I believe sparrows) playing with each other as they flew around. I watched them fly for 5 minutes as they spread their wings, dove and soared back and forth.  It truly was a heart warming experience to witness and enjoy!’

Well time is slipping away from me and I must continue my work on the book, while i have time before my last client!

I bid thee all adieu!