Beautiful Evil Winter Book Review

   Recently, I won a Good Reads First Read book called “Beautiful Evil Winter” by Kelly K. Lavender

This was a wonderfully emotional book to read and it pulled at my heart strings in a way that truly resonated in my soul because of my own struggle with infertility and childlessness. 

  The characters’ story and struggles were well crafted and thought out in a way that I found that I could truly feel the emotions spill out onto each page of this book, which made her characters so easy to relate to and become more human.. As the couple struggles with the many challenges and pitfalls with their international adoption search and process, I found it was very enlightening and intriguing as so many people do not realize the intensity of the process of adoption especially international adoptions. 

  I also loved how the author inserted a part of herself into the story line using her love of horses as inspiration for how the reason for the wife’s infertility and inability to conceive.. It was subtle but beautifully crafted in a way that created pathos for the lives of this ordinary couple, whose act of love make them extraordinary. 

   There were many funny moments woven into the story’s plot of struggle, sadness, and longing which helped lightened the overall feel of the story concerning the politics of Russian adoptions, corrupt police forces and a world of secrecy and crime.  It also demonstrated how in the midst of loss, personal struggle and emotional upheaval that love can bring people can come together and strengthen the bonds of marriage.  

  This book is a true gem that anyone should read, especially if they have ever thought of how the international adoption process works. 

I would give this book, 4 out of 5. 

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