Chapter One – story title not decided yet

She sat silently at her desk sipping her favourite raspberry tea while trying to stir up her creative muse. Today for some reason, her writing routine that she followed to help her get in the creative mind frame was not working.
Desperate to get her juices flowing, she replayed all her steps in her mind on the off chance she forgot something. “First, I gathered my favourite candles, favourite mug and favourite classical CD. Then I shut all blinds, turned on laptop and let it warmed up and turned on stove and placed my grandmothers antique kettle on burner- i had filled it earlier when i made hot chocolate in morning. Once water was ready, I prepared tea, turned on favourite CD and lit my candles. All steps completed, then why am I so blocked!”
“Damn it Melinda, why are you struggling with this?” She thought to herself.
Frustrated with her inability to jump start her mind and release the block stopping her from working on her project, she decides to stray from her usual routine and goes for a walk in the park near her country home.
Walking up her winding stairs she enters her spacious and antique designed bedroom. She heads to her extremely organized and roomy closet, she picks out her mother’s pink cashmere sweater and slips it on.
Once she was had grabbed her tea and was ready to embark on her walk, she took a deep calming breath and repeated to herself “one
step at a time!”
After ensuring her alarm was on and doors were locked, she slipped the pewter key chain into the pocket of her favourite grey slacks and started walking along her brick walkway. She was surprised at how beautiful it was outside for a spring day and how she was delighting in the sounds of spring all around her.
“I haven’ t walked this trail in so many years. Although it was one of the reasons, she bought this old house and fixed it up to her liking it was almost forgotten about it and neglected. Her gardener kept all her shrubs, flowers and trees looking immaculate and this was something that made her proud to have this beautiful picturesque yard.
Looking around at all this majestic beauty, she couldn’t help but think back to how far he had come in the last few years. It had been a very turbulent four years and it had almost broke her spirit and destroyed her sanity, but with faith, prayer and determination as well as professional help she had climbed her way to where she was now.Chapter One. 


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