Archive | February 18, 2014

Working from Home

Night has reared it shady head
My mind begins to unwind
Aching muscles remind me the prices I paid along this journey
No strength I have left to carry the weight of its toll – I feel like the walking dead
Eyes burn from visions flashing all around
Fog blinds the way along my true path
Yearning for peace I clasp my hands as one

Upon my knees, I speak to God to help calm my restless soul
With unrelenting tears, I say once more out loud

“Father, if you can hear me as I kneel before you now
My body is so weary, but the rest I need will not come somehow
My thoughts keep racing faster that the seconds on a clock
The unanswered riddles run through my brain – I cannot block

I reach out to you with a shaky plea, please allow your Angels to sing their glorious music and softly soothe and rock me to a calm and restful sleep

Father, I am weary and worn down to the threads
Help me silence the voices and memories in my head.
Clear my mind of misdeeds that trouble me
Let tonight be a night where my spirit is free

All I ask is for one night of rest
Peace within my soul
Help me rebuild the pieces left scattered
So I can be strong enough to answer your calling”

When all the tears have run dry
I catch my breath and sit awhile
Ready to try again – inviting In nights calm
Believing that tonight will be it
My faith in Him brings me to smile

I know He only gives me what I am strong enough to live
So I choose to look at it like a lesson and gift he gives
A mission he must have me on to solve all the unknown
“At least “I chuckle to myself “I can work for him
at home”