Iphone Phone Issue

  My daiy rant today is technology based and Iphone based.. Today, while I was trying to text someone my phone started to flicker on screen and then went black and then I got a message saying “Iphone needs to cool down before you can use it” and now phone will not turn on..

   The phone is only 6 months old and from my research on phone forums, it is a common issue – Why is apple selling phones that are faulty.  So frustrated – gah!! Now I have to go into Northern Tel to get them to replace phone and have to worry about if this issue is going to reoccur with another phone,

  So frustrating and maddening..


3 thoughts on “Iphone Phone Issue

  1. It isn’t just with Iphones. My daughter has an android phone. Well her second one in less than a year. This one keeps shutting off for no reason. It has a full battery but it will shut down and restart itself without warning.

  2. Sure wish I could help out..but I know nothing about them, as I refuse to ‘upgrade’ to one.
    Hope you get it working again soon. At least you can consult the apple site for the manual which I would hope is of some use. Good Luck!

  3. My experience with apple(household has 4 iPhones, 3 laptops and 3 regular computers) is that they typically work extremely well. There like most companies aren’t infallible. They are extremely good at replacing it less than one year old. Here’s to a great do over.

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