Please vote

 Today I am feeling a bit disappointed and down  as I was hoping I would have gotten my votes for photo contest that I entered (previously posted about it) and a lot of people are not going on and voting.  This was the first time I entered a photo contest  but maybe I reached for the stars when I should have just kept my feet on the ground and realized I may not be contest material – photography wise.. 

I am giving one last plea to everyone as contest ends on 22nd.. 

Go to site, like page and click on vote underneath picture.. I could really use support of everyone, as starting to feel a bit like fish out of water.


It would have been a nice boost to my ego and creative inspiration, but I guess I will just settle for everyda


3 thoughts on “Please vote

  1. i have no idea if you will win or not or get what you are hoping for. my plea to you is never stop reachibg for the stars i feel like im reaching everytime i post but i keep at it. good luck and i will try to give you my vote

  2. The picture is pretty good and I did vote. However the site requires being liked to be able to vote and not everyone is going to like it because doing so means reading through the sites posts on their wall.

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