Coins of Gratitude




Today, I wanted to take a moment and reflect.  I have been trying to form my story, plus get my poetry muse awake again and as a result kind of been forgetful of remembering to look for gratitude moments.

So, tonight on the night of my 7th Wedding Anniversary, I am going to take a moment and share my collection of gratitude moments.  Gratitude I find is like coins – some may be rare, some may be new, some may be ordinary but each coin holds different value to each individual person.

1. My husband – walking beside him as we walk our dog, falling asleep beside him and waking up as well with him beside me, laughing together, crying together and growing together.  His support, encouragement and love throughout not only the good ones but the bad ones.

2. Divine Intervention – guiding me through each day and letting me know I am not alone

3. Beautiful days full of sunshine and warmth – even when humidity is high – the sun brings a calm to me and makes me feel lighter

4. Tender moments spent playing with Shadow – yes he is goofy but he is my sweetheart

5. Creative muses that are helping me spread my wings and stretch my creative muscles

6. Life long friendships – my nearest and dearest friend of 20 years Sean

7. Life Lessons – for the universe showing me what life is like for other people and shinning light on the highlights of mine. I have seen people have loss after loss and struggle after struggle – makes my life seem like a breeze

8. For every day I wake up and feel good, happy and at peace.. I know the “dragon” lurks around the corner – I am determined to avert the strike and come out on top of depression – I have to say I am feeling better than I have in years though

9. To be able to enjoy myself again – my hobbies, activities and interests now for the first time in a long time bring me peace, joy and contentment

10. Personal solitude for times when other people’s issues can be too much – love to be able to sit back and be still for awhile.

11. New opportunities that may arise and for ones yet to come

12. For experiences both good and bad – I am the person I am today despite what was thrown at me – I am stronger for it

13. For the opportunity to share with all my friends, fans and followers

14. For my health and happiness

15. For an almost complete bathroom – painted finally – just have to buy baseboards and trim and paint them – and paint sliding door. 🙂




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