Short Story Continuation

As the old woman sat silently with the cards in her frail, slender hands she took a deep breath and said a silent prayer to the spirits and God.
She then flipped over the first card and gasped to herself. The card that was facing her was “The Tower”, which she knew meant disaster and misfortune.
As she stared shakingily at the card, she began seeing flashes of horrific images. At first, she was confused as to where the setting of the startling images originated from, but the more she focussed the clearer she saw what was an exact replica of her small town.
With a start she snapped back to the present and sat frozen in her seat as she began to sob uncontrollably. “It is own town I saw” she whispered to herself.

What should she do next, she asked herself. She was not the most popular person in her little town as many people thought of her as a strange, crazy lady. She has heard their snickers in the past as she would walk amongst the town folk. Their taunts and judgements became so hurtful that she decided that she would never venture out again and she stuck by that statement.
She has found ways to get groceries and supplies delivered to her daily and to avoid the people in town.

Now the old woman had to decide the biggest decision of her life and she was plagued with uncertainty.

Should she face the ridicule and tell people what she saw and ultimately save them? Would they even believe her?

Should she just leave and save herself? Or stay and face the fate that everyone
else would endure?

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