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Had I heard the Whispers


Silver butterflies     Lily 1   Lily 2

Once in a while, I manage to catch up on all the people who have read, liked or commented on my blog. Sometimes, when I read a profile on someone, I am swayed, interested or moved by what they have written. If I feel there is an “unwritten connection”, I’ll decide to “follow”. I find that the “you follow me, I’ll follow you” principle doesn’t always apply… But today was an exception. Whilst going through the list of names in the notifications, I happened to read some poems by Melonie Ann. I liked the style, content and simplicity of what she described. I then read her post, called “Whisperings of a Muse”.  Now, I’ve never met or heard of Melonie at all before. So far removed from me in cyberspace I believe Melonie is in the USA whilst I sit here in good old Birmingham, UK…

After reading Melonies’ post I was compelled to reply. You…

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