Homeward Bound

In the silence of the night
I heard a voice call out to me
“Be still” it said softly

Following the directions spoken
I laid on my bed eyes closed gently
Listening for the next message to be said

As I laid upon my cushy bed
Visions began to fill my head
“What do they mean?” I timidly asked

Everything I saw moved so fast
Suddenly as if the speed changed pace
I saw a beam of light bright and pure

Looking further I saw the most beautiful face
His eyes were so loving and full of care
His smile alone made life seem perfect and fair

He reached out his hand to bring me near
Strangely I knew I had nothing to fear
Gently taking his hand in my own

He said “fear not child” I will take you home
It seemed in an instant the scenery changed
All of the buildings were rearranged now

I blinked my eyes and saw a majestic site
A building seemed to shine with white glowing light
Slowly I walked to its beautiful wooden door

Turning to Him I asked “can I go in”
He smiled and spoke so eloquently
“You already know the answer my child”

Pushing the door open enough to peak
I could see so many things of beauty
Stepping further inside I am in a state of awe

“Where am I” i whisper to myself quietly
I felt so calm and it was familiar to me
Like a place in a dream my subconscious freed

“My child, fear not you are now home
You were lost before and decided to roam
I waited till your soul was ready to heal”

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