Archive | June 18, 2013

Time to See Finally

Time has come to move on now
Time for healing has finally come here
Here I stand at the angels mercy
Here I pray to God for my heart to be open

Open to finally receive full joy
Open to love myself completely for once
Once I knew exactly where I stand
Once my heart and soul beamed with joy

Joy of experiencing life’s majesty
Joy of watching all mysteries unfolding
Unfolding delicately like grandmother’s quilt
Unfolding like a mother’s tender embraces

Embraces that are filled with love
Embraces that come from all types of family
Family ties that bind us together
Family that is a woven tapestry to handle with care

Care shared as wounded hearts alike
Care that shows lost souls the sacred way
Way to finding peace and tranquility
Way to be finally set free

Free to love open heartedly
Free to be ourselves as true and authentic spirits
Spirits surround us that guide us to safety
Spirits when asked protect us from emotional pain

Pain that is buried deep in our inner core
Pain that lingers from pasts lives carried through time
Time alone can heal wounds that have scarred the soul
Time releases us from our painful pasts

Pasts that we wish to forget finally
Pasts that have shaped us to be who we are today
Today i look back along the broken road i treaded
Today i say thank you to those on that path

Path of pain it used to be long ago
Path of self discovery is what I now choose to see
See the strength I have gained from surviving the fall
See that I am still a beautiful soul after all

Written By Melonie Kydd
Date June 16,2013