Archive | June 12, 2013

Seeds of gratitude

1, renewal of enjoyment of hobbies etc
2, loving husband
3. New opportunities
4. Creative talents and muses
5. Everyday o fight urges and win

Journey to Better Health

This month, I have decided that I need to eat healthier and get in better shape.

I have started with small steps with eating habits because with knee injury and not knowing extent of damage yet
I cannot start exercising since some days walking hurts.

Steps I took;
1. Went from drinking lots of pop to reducing pop intake
2. Switched from Coke to Ginger-ale
3. So far for last week No Pop just water
4. Working on reducing chocolate intake

Book Calling

Today, while I was visiting with my client at the hospital and we were perusing hospital gift shop book table, I came across a particular book that for some reason I was instantly drawn too.

I am not sure why I was drawn to the book but of all the books on table it seemed to call out to me (oddly this happens a lot with books to me) and I am a very firm believer that things are drawn to you for a reason.

So, I will follow my universal message and read this book and let everyone else know how book is,