Archive | June 9, 2013

Interesting Occurence

Today, I was struggling with ideas about my writing and whether I an making a difference in my reaching out to people.
I wanted to see if Spirit could help me find some answers – so i decided to close my eyes and listen.
Something told me to use my Life Oracle Cards (new cards).
I shuffled cards and pulled a card, this is what I drew:

The Writing Card
You drew this card as vailation of your dream to be a writer
Whether your medium is books,articles, or screenplays the angels encourage you to explore writing as a career path
This will involve some self discipline on your part, as you will need to spend time daily engaged in this activity.
The angels remind you writing is an art and not a science therefore it can never be completely perfect
Your ego may whisper fears, and insecurities inside your mind designed to make you procrasi ate about a writing project
If this occurs call upon the angels for confidence,clarity and motivation
The angels will also help you find publishing outles for your writing projects!

False Perceptions

They claim to know who I amĀ 

They call themselves true friends

Yet they cast judgement with hurtful words

Casting stones upon your soul

Telling you who you are inside is out of control

They try to label with their fancy words

Throwing their perceptions around to cast you out

When they have no clue what they are talking about

Projecting their faults onto those around them

Hiding behind their statements such as “As your friend,”

Who they think they see is not the real me

For they have shown that they cannot accept what they see

So the jewels I hide inside my soul, I keep locked away

For those who I trust that will not deceiveĀ 

Those who accept and love, who do not falsely perceive