Archive | June 1, 2013

Sail Without Winds

Each year I have travelled along your side
Every moment we share fills me with pride
The journey may not have been easy to bare
Outcomes have sometimes been unfair
Sorrow and sadness found us it’s true
Many struggles and disappointments
we have been through
Here we stand still united as one now
We made it through the rocky waters somehow
I write this note so filled with love for who you are
Without you, I am like sails without wind
I wouldn’t make it on my own too far!

More than

What I have does not define me
There is so much that you cannot see

Only way to know the truth is to seek with open mind
Do not rush the process it will take time

Many people will judge without any clue
No one knows all I have been through

A person is more than what plaques them
Every one has a story with a beginning, middle and end

Notice the many roles that I play
Daughter, sister, wife and friend