Early Morning Musings

Laying on bed restless and in pain due to knee injury pain. It may be another sleepless night and at 415 am EST that is not good since I work 10am to 2pm today.

Usually if I couldn’t sleep pre-injury situation, I would take out poetry book and pen and see if my muse spoke to me, but sadly my pen and notebook are in other room and it hurts to move a lot. **sighs** Ah well, another day I guess!!

I thought while I was laying waiting for pain meds to kick in, I would share a bit of a personal note with my fans and followers.

Okay personal tidbit of day besides being in personal counselling for depression and anxiety, my husband and I are in marriage counselling to help strengthen our marriage and repair strains. We are watching “Scream-free Marriage” dvds that are really interesting
A not so personal tidbit, we will be repainting bathroom this
summer (Pomegranate Red with black base boards) and I have already ordered new accessories and towels!! So excited – haha I am a domestic nerd!!

I will for sure post pics once completed!!

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