Archive | May 29, 2013

Adventures at Library

The other day, I went to library and some strange events presented themselves.

First, I was drawn to a section that I normally am not drawn to and some books seemed to call out to me (ill post titles later).

Secondly, as I was just looking at books and not touching any a whole row kind of did domino affect (no one else was near me) all except one book.

Third, when I was signing out books a voice seemed to say pick up informational flyer about library book club (same one thats always there but was never pulled to).

Interesting day for sure!!

Sorry For Absence

Hello my friends, I am sorry for my absence lately. Life has been chaotic and busy this past few weeks.

Aside from having injured my knee about a week ago, which I was told is a meniscal injury and will need physio to recover. I was also told that I will need referral to orthopaedic doctor for tests etc..

I had a nice mini vacation in Sudbury last weekend with friends and family.
The weather was beautiful and had a great visit to Dynamic Earth, family cottage and shopping. Of course, I also visited my favourite store Chapters and bought 4 new Tarot Card Decks.

I am so excited about using them and I really love the art work on them.

We got in Monday around 959pm by bus and I was tired and sore from bus trip!!