Letter To Heaven’s Angel

Dearest Sweet Angel

I am writing you this letter as I thought of you today
I feel I am strong enough to finally be able to say
For many years I prayed for strength to make it through
My world seemed so empty without you

When i lost you 5 years ago my world fell apart
When He called you home you took with you my heart
The journey to here has not be easy on me at all
I struggled to find my footing after the hardest fall

I know you are safe,happy and free
That is what brings comfort to me
How terrible I would feel if my pain cost you your wings
When i was in the midst of grief i could not see these things

So here i pour out my heart to finally move on
I keep you in my memory you have been here all along
I want you to remember how much you are loved whole heartedly
I choose today to move forward and let you run free

Please remember I love you more than words can ever say
Keep a place near you I will join you one day

Love always and forever till the end
Your mommy and friend

2 thoughts on “Letter To Heaven’s Angel

  1. Beautiful and heartfelt. Thank you for stopping in and following my blog. Thus giving me the chance to see and follow yours 🙂

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