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Goals and rewards

I am trying to think of a reward for an incentive to reward myself for paying off two credit cards and cancelling them too!!

Also trying to set date for reward – should i wait till sears card is down lower or do it just for other two cards only!!

Ideas i came up with:
Getting nails done
Going jewellery shopping
Going clothes shopping
Going craft supply shopping

Can anyone think of other ideas?

Crumbs of Friendship

Will be your friend
will not follow
Only lead

Will be there for you
Cannot advise
Listen only

Will spend time occasionally
Unwilling to sacrifice
My own quality time

Will help when I can
But you must know
Jump I will not at your every call
That is not what friendship is after all

Will give what I can
Take equally too
My life does not revolve
Around just you

Priorities I have first
Cannot ignore
Understand what
I need

Respect for my structure
All I ask
Without this element

What you aim for
Will surely fail
Crumbled like crumbs

Our friendship won’t last

Boundaries set
Protect my sanity
Show me compassion

I have given you repeatedly

Answers from Unknown Angels

Wondered if I mattered?
Then I saw the love in their eyes

Questioned if I made a difference?
Then a small hand reached for mine

Worried I wasn’t reaching anyone
Then i saw them strive to improve

Thought my work didn’t matter
Till I heard “thank you”

When the sky seemed dark
A small soul gave me a hug

When I needed to embrace simple joy
A child’s laugh resinated in my heart


Today amongst all the stress from friends, I am compiled to write about setting boundaries!!!

I found an interesting article today about it:

I an not sure why people expect you to be ALWAYS available for them at any given moment for their whims!! When you do not they seem to get all bent out of shape!!

Friends should understand that people have priorities, obligations and need time for themselves and may not be able to jump on others needs all the time!!
Especially when they are working and trying to display an air of professionalism!!

Sadly in this world people use guilt trips and seem to refuse to practice
understanding of other people’s lives!!

Here are some interesting articles that may help!!