Human Kindness

I was scrolling through my comments (I keep all of them) and I was struck with a sense of awe and profound gratitude!!

I was compelled to write about the kindness of strangers and paying it forward. In a world, where all you hear is negativity on news and fear from humanity people need to know that humanity still has hope as there are wonderfully kind people out there!!!

I also believe angels walk among us just we don’t realize it because they may act and talk just like us!! Think about how many times you met someone who helped you and when you went to thank them, they were gone!!

Children see angels and so do elderly who are terminally ill (actually anyone dying or near death do) but the ordinary person gets caught up in life and becomes blind to it! They chalk it up to coincidence and lose ability to see beauty that walks among us!

My question to humanity is “Why do we wait till crisis hits before we offer our help and support” Why not practice random acts of kindness?

Remember a kind word goes a long way and the thought is more important than the material gift!!

Some Ways To Practice Random Acts of Kindness:

> Hold door for elderly or anyone
> Smile at a stranger
> If you have left overs, bring to a neighbour who is alone
> Snow blow neighbours drive way when you do yours
> Rake leaves for neighbour
> Volunteer to help


One thought on “Human Kindness

  1. Those random acts are so easy to do yet we ofter get so caught up in our own world of issues and daily business that we tend to step away from ourselves, wrapped up as though in a cocoon, so heavily absorbed that we forget about the humanity that exists around us. To experience that broad smile and a thank you for something as simple as holding a door open is refreshing, gratifying, so, to paraphrase…go ahead, make someone’s day!

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