Archive | March 31, 2013


This has been a great weekend (Happy Easter to all Christian fans and followers)(Merry Belated Ostara to my pagan friends)!!

It was actually nice enough to have fire pit going twice this weekend – there is something hypnotic about flames!! I can lose myself in watching the flames dance to silent music!!

I went out with my friend Saturday and we went for tea at our favourite place “David’s Tea”. I tried a Berry Good latte which I loved and am craving again today lol! We did some window shopping,book browsing and just laughed and talked. It was really nice!!

Today, it was colder and rainy but dtill a good day as we got inside stuff done around house and did some spring clean up as well! I am even going through office with fine tooth comb and rearranging furniture!!

I have received more clarity on the messages I had heard the other day and what I took as church was really community involvement!! So what I am going to look into is finding ways to volunteer and give back!!

I gave myself a tarot reading the other day and i got the message to follow the path my desires and interests lead and that is Paganism ( it has echoed true in my dreams too)!! It also resonated with community involvement message as well!!

I am going to do some soul searching and narrow down what causes really speak to me and which ones are nearest to my heart!! There are so many organizations that needs volunteers but my time is so limited with only having weekends free right now (between two jobs) and needing to spend quality time with Jody and Shadow!!

We will have to see which direction I am led to you and where the road will take me!! Every day is an adventure!!!