Heart Felt Moment

Today has been a really great day for me – beautiful weather,quality time with husband Jody, good fish dinner and nice fire in outside fire pit!!

But my nicest moment came at end of day when i had sent people I babysit for an idea for kids!!
This is message i got more:
We appreciate all your doing . The kids are extremely happy with you. They truly enjoy your company and it makes us feel good as well. Thank you so much.

It truly touched my heart!!!

3 thoughts on “Heart Felt Moment

  1. How wonderful is that Melonie! This takes me back to when we sought out and entrusted a lady to look after our two young preschool boys years ago. Initially it is an anxious time for parents. We found both of our daycare ladies through good referrals. The second girl in particular was absolutely amazing. She looked after the boys like she was their own mother, took them out all the time. They just loved her and it made a world of difference for us. When we relocated across the country she even flew out to visit us. When you find people like that they are pure gold. It was really hard saying goodbye to her. We stayed in touch but still…

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