Archive | March 29, 2013

Heart Felt Moment

Today has been a really great day for me – beautiful weather,quality time with husband Jody, good fish dinner and nice fire in outside fire pit!!

But my nicest moment came at end of day when i had sent people I babysit for an idea for kids!!
This is message i got more:
We appreciate all your doing . The kids are extremely happy with you. They truly enjoy your company and it makes us feel good as well. Thank you so much.

It truly touched my heart!!!

Good Friday Events!!

It is a beautiful Good Friday here in Timmins, ON Canada.  Feels like spring maybe has finally come – although as always in Northern Ontario – never think winter is done too early (sporadic weather).

I have not done any writing today – as was airing out house (as it is 5 degrees celsius outside and nice bright sun) and thought instead I would drop everyone a line and wish you all a great Good Friday.

I have been doing some thinking and still figuring out my path and directions and things in my life!!  I have worked on the issues with my friend I had for mentioned – turned out she was picking up on me sorting out things and senses I was “off”.  I had told her that I am figuring things out in my life and trying to get my life back on track, but was not purposely pushing anyone away – just needing my time mentally and emotionally.

Anyway. Oh did I mention she reads tarot and does readings.  She is actually very good.

This is the reading I got from her:

Your angel therapy cards were:

CROWN CHAKRA ~~ This card can serve several messages. For you the card is representing that your Crown Chakra is clogged. It needs to be unclogged before you can make any beneficial changes to your life and situation. You can try and try and at first might succeed but without clearing the congestion from your Auric field and chakras; over time you will fall back into your cycles that you’re working hard to over come. Perhaps you’ve butt heads with someone close to you over this; and are unable to see the forest for the tress however, to achieve inner peace, the root of the upheaval must be addressed. Reach out to those around you and ask Archangel Uriel to assist you in clearing and balancing your chakra.

PARENTS ~~ Any pain associated with your mother and father needs to be healed before you can move forward in your desires and needs. The Divine truth is that your parents may have made mistakes but love you to the best of their ability. The angels are working with you to help you heal from the past hurts you’ve experienced from your parents. If you’ve got issues with receiving love, it could stem from issues which are unhealed regarding your mother – the feminine energy is represented by the mother, OUR mothers. If you’re afraid to feel love, or to be loved, ask your angels to help you release the negative unhealed issues with your mother so you can freely enjoy and feel the love around you. With your father, the male energy is more for developing confidence in yourself – as your confidence wavers, ask the angels to help you regain and stabilize your self-confidence and mend the emotional connection between your father and yourself.

Until these issues are healed they will fester, and will push to the surface even when you’re unaware they’re there. Allow yourself to forgive, let go, and move forward.

YOU ARE A POWER LIGHTWORKER ~~ Divine power flows through you and around you but until you heal what needs healed you’ll remained blocked from it. You can conduct healing and readings effortlessly once you unblock yourself from the issues and past that are holding you back. Make sure whatever you’re doing now, be it in job or private life is not ego driven, or in an attempt to heal what you need to heal.

If you work with animals remember the animals are not to blame. They’re reacting to you. Positive to positive. Nervous to nervous. Negative to negative.

If you work with children remember they are not yours. You can not and should not be trying to raise them. Most of all, recall that while you work with them, they’re children and can not be expected to heal or patch whatever emotional traumas you hold.

If you work with the mentally challenged or elderly, remember they are not able to fend for yourselves and your power when used negativity or if you’re projecting negative onto them, will hurt them.

Don’t use work, or superficial ideas to allude your issues. Until you unblock yourself you can not fully change your life for the better. Hindering yourself is coming more naturally to you. Ask the angels for help. Seek assistance from a medical practitioner or natural care practitioner if you feel it needed.