Archive | March 24, 2013



I tried to be who you wanted
Losing who i was inside
You liked the mask that was there

I tried to find the real me
Hidden behind the masks
Bravely I started to show my colours

You looked at me with disgust
Cast me aside like shattered glass
Your only words were “Your not yourself”

You hide behind your “ability”
Claiming you can see things i cannot
How is it you didn’t notice the person inside struggling to be free

So I made the choice that day
No words of my truth will spill out
Around you I am an actress – hardly seems fair

You pull me into your drama
Like a fly into a web
Being that I care my heart is trapped
with you there

My silence is all you’ll get now
You’ve stolen my ability to trust
Shown me you don’t care what I say

Tell me is the charade you had me play
Worth the cost of our connection
Can you live with the price you have to pay?