Archive | March 19, 2013

The Unwelcome Guest

Crept into our lives one fateful day – so sneakily
Disrupting the order and way things were suppose to be
Selflessly trying to carry the burden alone
Not wanting the turbulence to shake up your family
Putting up a brave front and face every day
Knowing that life will no longer be the same
Wanting to find the right moment to tell somehow
Planning carefully how to break this heavy news
A call to make in order to inform your family
Such a shock – how can this be our present reality
Such a dreadful and dark word to use and deal with now
Trying to process all the emotions but unsure how
So unfair it has happened to you – how can this be
It won’t win this war – you will be the winner here
Logically I know you will be alright for sure
However the thought creates an emotional uproar
No longer do you have to walk this road alone
Your family and friends will help you along

Ageless Friends




We always joke around and tease each other
But I can tell something is bothering you
You are keeping something bottled up inside
I can see that it is tearing you apart
I have tried to get you to open up
I want to try to bridge this gap
But I don’t know when, why or how
Once we used to be able to talk deep
Now you do not let me know what you feel
If you are in trouble and feel so alone
I want you to be able to lean on me
What happened to the trust we once had?
Friendship is not just about the good times
It is being there for each other always
Please remember no matter what is wrong
I am always here to help carry on
Feel free to rest your head on my shoulder
Can you imagine us twenty years older?
What a funny sight we would be – 40-year-old you and me!












Soothing waters surround!
Pacifying the stresses
Slowing down the wild thoughts
A revitalizing and joyous time!
Lose track of all time
An awe-inspiring place
Anxieties and stress left far behind!
Slowly let yourself unwind
Entice senses in many ways
Wishing to be able to stay!
Tranquility and harmony
Promoting a spiritual awkening
Drowning the hustle and bustle!
Worries and fears not to be found
Lock out the crazy days!
This is what this moment is all about
Seclusion and seduction of the water
Cleansing your soul and spirit!




Daily rant

Here is another daily rant, Monday I had a doctor’s appointment in Sudbury,Ontario Canada (Dr. Vijay)and I was told he wouldn’t help me because a) I am only 37 and b) don’t have children!! Even though I told him I don’t want to have children plus we can’t have children (we tried for 6 years)
He didn’t care about what I have had to deal with since I was 11 years old and seemed to only want to push medication instead of long term solution!! He also didn’t care about the side effects I have had with medication or the fact that some interact with other meds l am in!!!
He has a note from my family doctor telling him that medication doesn’t work because my body develops an immunity to them and stops working after 3 months!! He flat out told me I was wasting my time asking and no one else would do it either!!

His words exactly “i wouldn’t be happy doing it!!” Like I care about doctors feelings since he didn’t care about mine!!

If I had to rate him, I would give him MINUS 20 out of 20!!