Great Tasting Soup of Gratitude

Today was a pretty good day for me because even though my friend cancelled (once again) to babysit her son – I was able to go to my client and recoup the loses of wage I would have occurred if I was babysitting. 

I also got my errands done that I wanted to today and although it was cold outside  – the sun was shinning and warmed up the air a bit when the wind died down.

I was able to get police check started that  I need for my new clients starting on Tuesday the 19th and I got to go to my one of my favorite stores (Fabric Land) and restock on some sewing supplies.. I am getting back into my sewing and I am excited to have some new project ideas 🙂

I was able to have a great night sleep last night after three days with little sleep – thank you Melatonin 🙂

So on a great note and in good spirits, I give you my bowl of gratitude!

Things I Am Grateful For Today:

  • Sunny Days
  • Visiting Fabricland 🙂
  • New Project ideas
  • Organizing All My Writing Folders
  • Waiting For New Bookshelf Purchase (April)
  • Watching TV with hubby

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