My Daily Rant

This morning, as I sit with my client and watch her look so confused and almost lost, a sadness grips at my heart because it reminds me of my own mortality,
Sadly, Northern Ontario lacks the proper medical care that could have assisted her with her recovery from her stroke thus rendering her one of the victims of a failing medical system.
Governments need to wake up and provide more incentives for doctors and specialists to stay long term in small communities in Northern Ontario!!
As well as the Ministry of Health Ontario needs to do “mystery” inspections in certain hospitals as Timmins and District Hospital is one of the “dirtiest”hospitals I have seen!!
I have been in ER rooms that had bloody bandages and cotton swabs on floor as well as blood spattered on floor and on the 3rd floor on several occasions I have seen dead insects on window sills for several days at a time!!
But that is just my vent for the day!!

Steve Setzer

This is a little series I am writing and will be posting more parts in the following weeks. Please follow my blog to get more of the story. Thank you

I ran out the front doors at a frantic pace, pretty much jumping over the three steps that led up to the landing. My heart was beating like there was a Kentucky Derby being ran in my chest. I hoped into my BMW, barely shutting the door before I sped down the Cobblestone driveway out the gates and onto the road. I only lived a few miles from the hospital, but it seemed like it took me forever to get there on this chilly night.

 I’m used to getting phone calls at all hours of the night, waking me from my slumber. But this call was different it wasn’t one I was expecting or even ready for. I’m the chief…

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