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An Unexpected Pleasant Surprise

I was looking through my emails today and I came across something really cool in my inbox..

I had recently entered a contest in which my entry just constituted leaving a comment for the author of a fiction book as it was her debut novel.

This is the email I received 🙂


You won the Fresh Fiction contest for Lorenz Font — ONE DAY
ONLY BLOG CONTEST! Lorenz Font – Win HUNTED (5244)

Please watch your inbox for your e-book. Your e-book will
come directly from Renaissance Romance Publishing so please
watch your Spam/Junk  folder also.


Thank you for entering contests at Fresh Fiction.  Please
tell your friends and we hope you’ll enter our contests
again! If you’re on Twitter or part of our Facebook
communities please take a moment to post your win, we really
appreciate it! Check back for our daily blog contests, you
need to leave a comment but the blog contests usually only
last a day or two and have great prizes!

Fresh Fiction

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It just goes to show that sometimes it pays to stop and wish someone luck and success or encourage them by letting them know that you believe their work has value to you.

This to me is the epitome of paying it forward as we each want to know that we are of value and that we are doing something great..

So my advice, take the time and comment on someone’s blog, up coming book, story, poem or even just drop a line to say hello..

Cup of Gratitude Tea

Today was a good day! Started off disorganized as what was planned got thrown in the wind!! Never again after this week will I extend an olive branch and offer to babysit for cheap for certain people!!
Luckily I had a back up plan and could go see my client in hospital and recoup some wages!!
I was also able to go to Walmart and purchase items to organize poetry and get Shadow’s dog beds!!
It was good bye old stinky bed and hello new ones 🙂

So here is my gratitude list for today
• organizing and printing out poetry
• back up plans
• hot baths
• seeing plans come together
• spending time with Shadow

Writing Organized

Today I started organizing all my writing – i went to Walmart and purchased a file folder caddy!!
I came home and labelled all my poetry folders, printed out my poems stored on flash drive and alphabetized poems!!
Tomorrow, I hope to start organizing short story info once my new file folders come in




Second Part of Short Story

After her daily ritual was complete she sat almost transfixed in her chair. It almost felt like something had bound her in place but no one else was around.

She knew the signs and what she had to do but it had been years and she was uncertain of her mind’s clarity and if her body could handle the fatigue afterwards.

Trying to ignore the nagging feeling she began to hum and fidgeted with her fingers and rings in hopes that it would distract herself from the pull.

The twitch grew stronger in her weary hands and she could feel her back muscles stiffen under her wrinkled,age spotted skin.

When she could no longer still what was stirring inside her, she steadied herself on the wobbly old table and cautiously pulled herself up. Once she was steady enough she made her way to her cupboard above the sink.

Her walk to the cupboard seemed to take years instead of the minutes it did actually take. Once she reached the cupboards, she took a deep breath and slowly began to open the door. The hinges creaked so loud that it seemed to echo in her empty kitchen.

Her eyes scanned the contents of the cupboard until they cane across the small black bag with a gold rope tie. Her hands began to shake as her hands reached the velvet black sachet. Once it was in her grasp the old woman grabbed it and took a deep breath.

She stood almost frozen in place with the bag in her hands. The feel of velvet in her hands were comforting to her but also awakened overwhelming tensions in her body.

Once her heart slowed down enough she slowly made her way back to the wooden table and cautiously lowered herself down to the chair. She sat staring at the velvet bag as she passed it back and forth between her hands.

It had been years since her eyes had peered at artifacts in velvet sachet but she knew that she would have to face the ghosts of the past!

Her heart started to race as her mind flashed back to when she last glimpsed what was hidden in the velvety soft packet!

My Daily Rant

This morning, as I sit with my client and watch her look so confused and almost lost, a sadness grips at my heart because it reminds me of my own mortality,
Sadly, Northern Ontario lacks the proper medical care that could have assisted her with her recovery from her stroke thus rendering her one of the victims of a failing medical system.
Governments need to wake up and provide more incentives for doctors and specialists to stay long term in small communities in Northern Ontario!!
As well as the Ministry of Health Ontario needs to do “mystery” inspections in certain hospitals as Timmins and District Hospital is one of the “dirtiest”hospitals I have seen!!
I have been in ER rooms that had bloody bandages and cotton swabs on floor as well as blood spattered on floor and on the 3rd floor on several occasions I have seen dead insects on window sills for several days at a time!!
But that is just my vent for the day!!

Steve Setzer

This is a little series I am writing and will be posting more parts in the following weeks. Please follow my blog to get more of the story. Thank you

I ran out the front doors at a frantic pace, pretty much jumping over the three steps that led up to the landing. My heart was beating like there was a Kentucky Derby being ran in my chest. I hoped into my BMW, barely shutting the door before I sped down the Cobblestone driveway out the gates and onto the road. I only lived a few miles from the hospital, but it seemed like it took me forever to get there on this chilly night.

 I’m used to getting phone calls at all hours of the night, waking me from my slumber. But this call was different it wasn’t one I was expecting or even ready for. I’m the chief…

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Great site!!

Hi all,

A recurring theme in my images and postings is simplicity.  I also feel that the images are strong.  The images of this home in Finland represents both these themes beautifully.

I adore these images & I hope you find something in them that you adore as well.

All images courtesy of tumblr.

Annie x

fin 3

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