Archive | March 10, 2013

Today’s Progress :) :D ;)

Today, I started organizing my craft room and office as it s a rainy, wet and damp day outside.  Perfect weather for spring cleaning and house work, as well as personal organization and reflection.

In between clean up, I even cleaned out old pictures on computer and files and put then on discs and usb sticks to help computer to run more effectively.

It is a long process as I am going through everything and finding new locations for other items etc.. I even organized all the dogs toys into his own basket – he has sooo many toys (according to him never can have too many toys)!!

I have gone through and sorted and tossed items as well through clean up.. It is getting done slowly but I am committed to cleaning it up so it can be functional again!! In a way it is very therapeutic for me as I have already gone through previously a few weeks ago and donated a whole bunch of items that were purchased when my shopping addiction was out of control..

Going to break for supper and spend some quality time with Mr. Shadow the Black Lab of Wonder 🙂