Daily Spoonfulls of Gratitude

Ok so after an amazing day of beautiful weather and a great time with friends and hubby tonight and a new sense of renewal about spring etc.. I am feeling overly grateful for a lot lately.

Here is tonight’s daily dose of gratitude 😀

  • Beautiful and sunny weather
  • Great friends and neighbours
  • Being blessed by baking gods 😀
  • New experiences and opportunities
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Tea cups and new teas
  • A loving family
  • Shadow
  • New fans, followers and fellow bloggers



2 thoughts on “Daily Spoonfulls of Gratitude

  1. We had an absolutely glorious day here on Vancouver Island too Melonie. I am really enjoying your wonderful posts. We share a love of poetry and I love your passion for life and all its givings. Regardless of how difficult life can get at times we still have so much to be thankful for. We need only look for the positive and it is often right by our side to cherish and embrace always.

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