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Daily Spoonfulls of Gratitude

Ok so after an amazing day of beautiful weather and a great time with friends and hubby tonight and a new sense of renewal about spring etc.. I am feeling overly grateful for a lot lately.

Here is tonight’s daily dose of gratitude 😀

  • Beautiful and sunny weather
  • Great friends and neighbours
  • Being blessed by baking gods 😀
  • New experiences and opportunities
  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Tea cups and new teas
  • A loving family
  • Shadow
  • New fans, followers and fellow bloggers



Wiriting Delayed

Tonight’s party for my hubby went over fantastic!! 🙂

It was a bit of work, but well worth the effort and we have some really great neighbours and friends who helped make this party a success.. A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO ALL OF YOU!!

My cake was a success – yeah!!

I am sorry I haven’t updated with new poems, yet!! Life has been a bit chaotic but once things settle down after March Break I am going to get back in swing of things and really organize my office/craft room!!

My goals for organization of room is to:

  • have a writing area/ poetry storage etc.
  • craft organization area
  • have PSW information stored and put away in accessible area
  • organize Tea area 🙂
  • Organize poetry on computers and on USB
  • Print out and categorize all poems

(I will post pictures when done)

Sites That Might Help

Daily Prompt: VIP

Great idea for Prompt!!

Aromatherapy Information & More

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

No. I cannot do it. There are so many people that are important, and even most important, that I cannot just pick one. My daily existence without any of them is something I don’t even want to think about.

All of my large family, (including Aunt’s, Uncle’s, Cousin’s, etc…), are very important to me. Now, I do have one friend that is the most important friend I have, so maybe we can talk about her.

She brings sunshine to my dark. She forces me to concentrate. We are about 15 years apart in age and have known each other for close to 20 years. We can talk about anything together. We have some similar occurrences in our lives, and some very different issues. We give each other perspective to it all.

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Surfing on Facebook today and I came across this picture and it touched me so I thought I would pay it forward and share the experience!!



Today was a good day for me – it was a very productive day mostly!!

It was mild and sunny out – felt hopeful about spring coming!

I started feeling good about myself and hopeful about things finally turning around in my life!

Today is hubby’s birthday – he went ice fishing over night at fishing hut so I made cake for him tomorrow..

So tonight, just me and Shadow chilling and relaxing. Tomorrow doing a tidy up before people come over for cake ..

I have hit a bit of blank brain lately but I hope that I will be able to start my muses again for my poetry.

I am going to organize my poetry stuff tomorrow morning and get a file caddy and sort everything out.