Thoughts of Day

As I sit outside this building I watch everyone coming and going and i wonder what their stories are!!
What brings them to this destination?
I am reminded of how fast life is and how seldom we take time to notice what is around us!!
Do we really pay life and all its majesty full attention? I know I can honestly say I haven’t as its hard not to be caught up in your head and absorbed in your own story.
I find one the lessons I am learning is to take the time to notice life!
Instead of pretending we live in this world alone, we need to take notice of people around us and be sympathetic to their stories.

One thought on “Thoughts of Day

  1. Connection is the Key – that is my daughter’s theme. And when we strt to make the connections, to people, to our surroundings, to life, we enrich just our own, but everyone around us as well.

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