Todays Thoughts

As I sit here with my client I am reminded how fragile and frail like can be.
You can go from living a full life and having danced ballet and sang opera to being trapped in your own body 😦
How cruel life can be!!
What must go through ones mind when your words are trapped in your mouth and your body weak and frail.
I hear stories of how active she used to be and what an eventful life she had before the stroke hit her!!
Her family is one of the most supportive people I have met and they have become like family to me!! After a year with this wonderful lady, it feels like a friend or family member I have been caring for!!
I truly believe if people take the time to sit with elderly and listen with your heart, open mind and ears they would truly be changed!

I often find sitting with my lady and talking to her (even though she may not always be responsive) the most enjoyable part of my day!!
It is like catching up with an old friend!!

I so often wish I was hired for longer hours!!



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