11 things to know about me

1. Favorite thing to do?
Writing, reading, spending time with Jody and Shadow .. Oh and tea shopping at David’s Tea and shopping for fancy pens and paper!!
2. Ideal job
I would love to be a professional writer. I would also love to run my own business as a private home care company.
Dream job — I always thought it would be cool to own a bookstore and mini cafe
3. Whats one thing you wear that probably needs to be thrown away?
I would say my fuzzy socks that have a hole in them. – they are still way too comfy to throw away!!
4. Do you work well with others?
Mostly, yes I do, but I also love alone time. I can often be too agreeable (yes I am a people pleaser)
5. Whats your mental age?(kid at heart?)
I am not sure because if I go based on events that have occured to me – i would say mentally my heart and soul are very weary!! I have been told I have an old soul!!
I find dealing with clinical depression and anxiety disorder has aged me quite a lot as I sometimes would rather just sit with a blanket and be left alone to sleep.
6. Have you ever worked in a restaurant ?
7. What do you like to eat?
I like to eat salad and chicken
My favourite comfort food besides chocolate os yogart
8. Do you prefer outdoors or in?
Mostly indoors in Winter (timmins winters can be brutal)
Spring and fall – my favourite seasons if not too rainy outside
9. Could you survive without internet or cell phone?
I have yes but in search of jobs etc so at moment no 😦
10. What time is it?
Right now it is 10:25am EST
11.Your heros
• my parents

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